We frequently get asked what time events will end. We highly discourage this behavior as times cannot be accurately predicted. There are many factors that go into running events that can effect the outcome. Additionally, the Arnold Sports Festival takes over the whole city. That effects travel times, availability of shuttles and other transportation, and the flow of all sports and events. It makes lines for food longer.

At the Arnold Fencing Classic we pride ourselves on starting on time and finishing in a timely manner, however, many things can change the projected end of an event, including but not limited to:
  • A visit by Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Visits from other celebrities
  • Medal ceremonies of previous events
  • Medical injury of a competitor
  • Strip availability after another event is disrupted
  • Added fencers or sick/withdrawn fencers
  • Countless other operational things that cause minor delays
You also need to understand that medal ceremonies are very important at the Arnold. We have theme music written for us, our medals are uncommon, and there is a lot of ceremony. Award presentations could take up to an hour after the end of an event since we often have a chain of ceremonies and finals. All of our finals are filmed, which adds additional time.

If you still insist on predicting the end of the event you plan to fence, use the the past of years of results below as a rough guide. We cannot guarantee this and discourage booking travel based on such criteria. We do not accelerate events or ceremonies based on those that have not planned adequate time as it is unfair to others.

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