Celebrating our thirteenth year as a proud member sport of the Arnold Sports Festival, the largest multi-sports festival in the U.S.

Royal Arts Fencing Academy (RAFA) is excited to host the Arnold Fencing Classic Regional Youth Circuit (RYC), Cadet, Vet, and Open tournament. The Arnold Fencing Classic is hosted by the Rose & Gold Foundation, a 501(c)3 corporation.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival is the largest multi-sport festival in the world featuring over  50 sports and events, 180,000 spectators, and 19,000 athletes. Don’t just fence, visit for the weekend and enjoy what the event offers. Athletes get passes to the entire sports festival as a part of the entry.

Will he be there? Yes. Arnold will present the scholarship winner at our venue. We are not permitted to give you the day or time for security reasons. Other celebrities may also appear in the venue from time to time. All events stop for Arnold’s appearance. His appearance is brief. Events resume after he has left.

On Saturday, March 7th, we will have a longsword workshop at 7pm. Registration for this event is on AskFred.

All times are subject to change, however days are finalized.

All fencers in ALL age groups are required to be members of USA Fencing. You can apply or renew your membership at http://usfencing.org. Foreign fencers need to show proof of membership in their national federation prior to competition. One-day membership are not valid in Y10, Y12, and Y14 events. All others may use one-day memberships.

Foreign fencers may participate in any event at the Arnold provided they meet the membership requirement above. If your organization needs assistance registering through AskFred or needs alternate methods to pay for entry please contact us at arnold @ royalarts.org. If foreign fencers require assistance with translation or other services to accommodate your stay, please contact us. We will assist as much as possible.

Wristbands are required for all fencers, coaches, parents, and spectators. The wristband is entry into the Arnold Sports Festival, the largest sports festival in the world. Wristbands are $10 per day. Security will not permit fencers without a wristband to participate. Two wristband vendors are conveniently located on either side of the fencing venue.

The cost of the wristband is factored into your entry fees for athletes. The athlete wristband is NOT the same as the spectator wristband. Parents, coaches, and others will be required to purchase at the venue or via http://arnoldsportsfestival.com. Security will be present and checking every day.

For non-athletes choose:

Arnold Sports Festival & Fitness Weekend 1 Day EXPO Admission or
Arnold Sports Festival & Fitness Weekend: WEEKEND EXPO Admission

The Columbus Rotary in partnership with the Arnold Sports Festival will award a $2500 scholarship. Candidates must submit an essay, be between 13 – 18 and fence at the Arnold. Details here: http://arnoldfencingclassic.com/scholarship/

The Columbus Airport is Port Columbus International Airport ( CMH ). http://arnoldsportsfestival.com/airlines/
There are several venue hotels. Final deals will be posted soon. Check our website for the most current information. Additional information: http://arnoldsportsfestival.com/visitor-info/find-a-hotel/ or on our home page.
Parking downtown can be a challenge during the festival. You are encouraged to pre-pay parking prior to your arrival to ensure good parking. http://arnoldsportsfestival.com/visitor-info/parking/ or on our home page.
The USFA now requires ALL fencers to show a birth certificate or other government-issued identification with a birth date before they fence in their first competition of the tournament.
USFA rules apply. Full USFA regulation uniform is required, including plastron, knickers. Y8 & Y10 require either a #0 or #2 blade. Vendors will be on site if you have equipment needs.
If your registration is being rejected for age, but you are currently listed on the National Rolling Points for the next lower age, please contact arnold@royalarts.org
A parent signature is mandatory on both the USFA membership ( unless excepted by foreign fencer rules ) form and the RYC waiver/informed consent. These forms will be available at registration as well as emailed to you with the athlete packet in February.
Youth events are gender separated. Cadet and Senior Events are mixed. Y8 and Vet events are gender separated, however, if the number of women is too small, the events may mix.
All weapons will be scored electrically. Equipment (masks, lames, and body cords/head cords) will be inspected and marked.
All Y8 and Y10 events must be fenced with a size 0 or 2 blade. This rule will be enforced


How to Register: Registration is done via AskFred.net and is open now.

The Arnold Fencing Classic for Y8, RYC, Cadet, Open and Vet.  Register Here.

This event is always full. Registration deadlines are strictly adhered to. Events fill fast. Don’t wait!


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Deadline Registration Per Event
Registration Regular Deadline 02/15/2016 $40 $35
Late Registration 02/11-18/2016 $80 $35
Last Minute Registration 02/19-26/2016 $120 $40
At the Door Registration 03/04-06/2016 $240 $50
Scholarship Entry Deadline 02/12/2016

Are Fees Refundable?

The refund policy for the 2016 Arnold Fencing Classic is listed in the table below.

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Deadline Registration Fees Event Fees
Requests before 11/1/2015 100% 100%
11/2/2015 - 1/1/2016 50% 100%
1/2/2015 - 2/11/2016 No Refund 90%
2/12/2016 - 2/20/2016 No Refund 50%
2/21/2016 and later No Refund No Refund.

All fees must paid on-line through www.askfred.net to complete the registration process or with postmark mentioned above. Please be sure to provide the email address (in AskFred) so we can communicate any tournament changes and updates to you. Refunds requested after January 1 will not be processed until after the tournament. That process can take several weeks to complete.

Checks may be mailed by regular First Class mail to:

2016 Arnold Fencing Classic
5770 Westbourne Ave
Columbus, OH 43213

All checks must be postmarked prior to the the close of registration. For example: if you pre-register but did not pay prior to the close of regular registration, your check must be for the appropriate fees for the day the check is postmarked.


Special Edition T-Shirt Available: Event t-shirts, hoodies and other apparel will be available with our vendor at the event. There are several great designs. If you need more information about the 2016 t-shirts or are still interested in a previous t-shirt, please contact us via email at arnold@royalarts.org.

Other important information:

1.We recommend you make hotel reservations early due to the demand for hotel rooms in downtown Columbus, Ohio. See “location” page for details.

2.Go to the “Scholarship” page to see how you could win a $2000 college scholarship (fencers ages 13-18).