Coach Registration

With our Olympic celebrities, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other celebrities in attendance at the Arnold Sports Festival, security is higher than any other tournament you will attend. Additionally, all visitors are required to have a wristband for admittance to the Festival. Athletes are provided one with their registration.

With these extra security concerns in mind, no individuals are permitted are permitted within the confines of the fencing strip without both a wristband and COACHING or other staff credentials.

Coaches may apply for a free credential. It it not a guarantee that you will get one. We have limited numbers of them. Coaches that are pre-registered may, at our discretion, receive a wristband for admittance to the Arnold, providing that your status as a coach can be verified and you are a professional member of USA Fencing. We DO NOT give wristbands to parents even if you are coaching your child. Sorry. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Rules require that we are able to validate a coach as trained coach.

Determination on coaching credentials is done by a committee. If the committee feels you fail to meet their criteria you will not receive credentials. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. There is no way to be given a credential at the Festival. We do not have extras.

Coach Registration

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