Cancel Registration

Refunds are no longer possible for this year.
This form is to cancel your registration. It is not a guarantee that you are eligible for a refund. The refund fee schedule is below:

Request DateRegistrationPer Event
Before 12/31/2017$40 (100%)*$35 (100%)*
01/01-10/2018$0.00 - No Refund$31.5 (90%)
02/11-18/2018$0.00 - No Refund$17.5 (50%)
After 02/19/2018$0.00 - No Refund$0.00 - No Refund
Refunds for 100% of the total will be refunded minus the credit card processing fees charged by Askfred.

Refunds are processed 4-6 weeks after the tournament. If you wish to cancel your registration, the request can be made here. We encourage you to wait. We find that people are too quick to cancel or request refunds, and then wish they hadn't.

If you believe you still qualify for a refund, please complete the form below. Requests are processed between 4 and 6 weeks after the tournament.

Have you read the refund policy and fee table above? Further, you understand that if you qualify for a refund, it will only be by the schedule above regardless of circumstance.

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