HEMA Workshop

Royal Arts Fencing Academy, the host club of the Arnold Fencing Classic, is proud to offer a workshop featuring internationally known guest instructor Jack Gassman. The topic of the class will be Effective Biomechanics in the Krieg for German Longsword.

The class will be held following the Sword and Buckler tournament at the Arnold Fencing Classic in room FRANKLIN A on Friday March 2nd around 6pm. The price for the class will be $30 per person.

Please bring a longsword, mask and gloves for this class.

All guests are required by the Arnold Sports Festival to have a wristband. If you are competing through the weekend, you will have one as an athlete. If you are only coming to the clinic, you will have to purchase one at the Festival in order to be permitted into the rooms. This is a separate charge from the workshop.

Pre-register & Pre-pay

You may pre-register and pre-pay for the Jack Gassmann Workshop here. You can also purchase a ticket at the event. Pre-registration will help Jack and the organizers to better prepare for the class.

HEMA Workshop with Jack Gassmann

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